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MMMTB Manuele Mandrile MTB, hereafter referred to as MMMTB, offers mountain biking experiences aimed at individuals and groups. These experiences are intended for people who are physically able to ride a bike up to the physical and technical levels specifically described for each experience. There is no minimum or maximum age for participating in this type of experience, it being dependent on the good physical and technical capacity of the participant. In case of doubt about the physical capacity of the participant, a medical certificate may be required.


Reservation, cancellation, refund

The reservation is only confirmed after acceptance of the general conditions and payment of 50% of the price of the service as an advance payment. Up to 4 months before the date of the service: full refund of the amount paid in advance. Between 4 months and up to 2 months from the date of the service: the amount of the advance payment is not refunded but kept as a deposit, and can be used to book another date for the same service ( to be agreed with MMMTB depending on availability). Beyond 60 days before the service, the amount of the advance payment is not refundable for reasons of organizational costs, so it is advisable to take out cancellation insurance. Payment of the final balance of the service (50%) is made within 15 days of the service being held, unless there is a special agreement with MMMTB. The amount paid will be refunded at 100% in the event that the service should be canceled by MMMTB.


COVID 19: Due to the current health situation, a full refund of the amount paid will be possible if health measures make it impossible to organize the service.


Weather situation

Mountain biking is an outdoor activity subject to the vagaries of the weather and the natural elements. Also, MMMTB only provides its service under conditions that ensure the safety of participants. In the event of unfavorable weather, MMMTB will do everything possible to ensure that the experience of understanding with the participant takes place either by postponing the start or by offering an alternative route in the spirit of the original experience. If it is not possible to hold an experience due to unfavorable external conditions, MMMTB will offer reimbursement of the service deducted from the costs already incurred by it. MMMTB will try in all cases to propose an alternative solution favorable to both parties.


Accident and insurance

Despite the professionalism of MMMTB and its concern for safety, mountain biking remains a risky activity and accidents are not excluded. Therefore, the participants waive any possible liability action against MMMTB. It is recommended that participants take out accident insurance so that they can be covered in the event of physical and / or material damage. MMMTB reserves the right to refuse participation in an experiment in the absence of accident insurance. If, despite the care and precautions taken by MMMTB to avoid an accident and the above discharge, it should be held liable, it holds civil liability insurance up to CHF 5 million.



During the experiences offered by MMMTB, the participant is responsible for bringing equipment maintained and adapted to the outings offered according to the recommendations made by MMMTB. MMMTB reserves the right to refuse participation in an experiment if the material does not guarantee the safety of the participant. Any damage to the participants' own equipment cannot be attributed to MMMTB, with the exception of those carried out under its own responsibility (transport, mechanical assistance). MMMTB always offers a safe place to store participants' equipment during its outings. However, it is not responsible for any theft / damage to the participant's equipment during the experience. MMMTB provides mechanical assistance for the participants' bikes. It may ask for fair consideration for spare parts and repair equipment provided.


Group management

All the experiences offered by MMMTB are conducted by a guide and / or a qualified instructor. Thanks to their knowledge of the terrain and the possible risks, the guide advises participants and tells them the basic rules of conduct of the tour. The participant respects these recommendations as well as the guide's decisions. If the guide judges that the safety of the tour is no longer ensured by the behavior of a participant, he can decide to stop the tour and exclude him. The guide will try by all means not to detract from the experience of the other participants.


Applicable law

MMMTB always tries to find a fair solution without resorting to legal instruments. If, despite this, MMMTB should have recourse to them, only Swiss law would be applicable and the competent courts of the canton of Neuchâtel.

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